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Maternal-fetal medicine specialists, also known as MFM specialists, perinatologists, and high-risk pregnancy physicians, are highly trained obstetrician/gynecologists with advanced expertise in performing and reading ultrasounds in pregnancy and managing obstetrical, genetic, medical, and surgical complications in pregnancy that may affect the mom and her unborn child.  We work with a variety of specialists in our office or in the hospital to help keep mom and baby healthy throughout the pregnancy.  We work with your obstetrical provider when unexpected complications arise in pregnancy such as early labor, bleeding, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  There are times when we find birth defects or growth problems concerning your unborn child on ultrasound.  If that is the case, we work closely as a team with other specialists during your pregnancy to provide the best possible care and monitoring for your little one until they are born.

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Complications of Advanced Maternal Age